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    Elio Fabrizio

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 77

    Alignment: One of the good guys.

    Class: Mage

    Description: Elio is a seventy seven year old wizard and get's all of the trimmings. He has a long white beard, a long blue robes, and a wide brimmed pointed hat. His eyes are a vibrant blue.

    Personality: Elio is the definition of kooky old dude. He's got a weird sense of humor only he really gets, a penchant for silly magic pranks, mostly toward his apprentice. He's also very wisened by old age. Seventy-seven years will do that for you.

    Beyond that the key word here is kind. He's got cash, he's got life experience, he's had his run as a playboy in his youth. He's long since been at the point in his life where he just wants to give back. He'll weave a spell for as much as your willing to pay him for, which in the world will often mean free, and he doesn't care. He'll go out of his way to help people he's just met, and he'll put his life on the line for people he actually likes.

    A side note, don't screw with his apprentice without his express permission. He's very touchy about the boy.

    Equipment: Elio's sleeves work like a bag of holding, he keeps a great deal of equipment in there. Medkits, gold, toys, food, gadget's, and items of sentimental value.

    His fifty plus years as a court magician and minimlist lifestyle have left him filthy levels of rich, so there's very little he can't buy.

    Abilities: Elio is a mage. His magic is versatile and and makes use of simple spells used in creative or unexpected ways.

    His specialty is the simple levitation spell which he uses to the absolute extent. His expertise with the spell has earned him the name "Thousand Hands Elio."

    A more powerful and complicated magic he possesses is dimensional magic. He dubs it, teleportation magic to make himself sound less threatening, but it's about the same. He does teleport, normally with a blip sound effect, but it's quite a bit more than that.

    Elio has actually mastered 5th dimensional travel. Not only can he teleport from place to place(first through third), but also through his time line(fourth), and finally between universes(fifth) which is how he got to Nexus.

    You might think time travel would make him somewhat more dangerous, but not really. Notice how I only said his timeline. He can only time travel or send things and people to HIMSELF, and causality seems to keep things from mucking up.

    His magical ability also extends to a subtextual level. He has incredible magical senses able to see and smell magic from several meters away He's quite skilled in analyzing spells on the magical level and subverting spells used by his opponent.

    Beyond his Magic, he holds that magicians should be scholars, diplomats and businessmen, so he's not only smart, he's also very tactful, very persuasive, and even shrewd when he needs to be. Chances are he will try to solve a problem with words before spells.

    Backstory: All that you really need to know is that he was a Court magician for over fifty years, as I have, and will in the future, point out again and again and again.

    Romeo Firé

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Alignment: Good

    Class: Apprentice Mage

    Description: A physically unimposing young man. His hair is a dark brown and long enough to hang as a ponytail down his back. His eyes are brown. He wears blue robes same as his master, Elio, but no hat. He hasn't earned it.

    Personality: Romeo is easily pushed around. He's been bullied his whole life so he's used to simply taking it when someone threatens or insults him. Since learning magic this has been slow to change, but he's been learning that he's actually quite quick and resourceful, and he doesn't always have to take it.

    He's also begun to pick up some of Elio's traits. His kindness, his sense of humor, and even his love of pranks, even if he rarely pulls any himself.

    Equipment: A fifteen gold coin a month stipend from Elio. Beyond that, nothing much.

    Abilities: For two years, Elio has been teaching him magic and he's taking to it, but slowly. He has a few of the basics down. Moving objects, gusts of air etc. But he lacks any sort of stamina. He almost immediately runs out of breath after one or two spells.

    Backstory: He was an ordinary stable hand before going to Elio for magic lessons. Situations happened and he became an official apprentice.
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