[Operative's Office]

Neither of those two abilities should instigate a reaction from Percilia's mental defense network, so The Operative is basically in the clear.

Percilia seats herself in the offered seat. She quickly checks it for restraints and latches by nonchalantly sliding her hand down the sides of the armrests as she does so.

Upon successfully sitting down, she looks at The Operative, feet firmly rooted to the ground in a forceful manner, and speaks,

"I need twenty-odd people exterminated in a centralized location. A swift raid on an enclosed space. Nothing too dangerous. High chance of success, based on the simulations I've run, though the battlefield's location is still up in the air."

"We're going to bring down a group of thespians. Ritualistic murderers, they are, and we're going to make an example of them. An example that the city will never forget. Only problem is that they may be heavily armed, possibly with powered armor, so we'll need a heavy ranged fighter, and two light shock troopers. Can you supply those for *reasonable sum for this sort of work*."

Percilia appears to have done her research.


Powered armor?! From a group of underpaid actors? What?

This doesn't add up, but Percilia believes it to be true.