Ok, outright plagiarism of my favorite British authors, interspersed with a couple fits of creativity away!

The Fey Lords:

Each of the following of the fey lords, ladies and strange a-/multi-/pan-sexual honorific beings rules over a fey court of varying size. Their title comparative to other feudal titles is meaningless, by the way. It is more or less impossible for sane humans to understand the geography of the Hedge, so an analysis of borders and neighbors of each Lord's fief is pretty much meaningless, ever-shifting and entirely subjective. The Hedge is kinda like that.

The Raven King:
The Raven King is one of the most powerful Fey Lords. He commands a large court and is possibly the most powerful living spellcaster in Patria of any race. His magic, somewhat unlike that of some other Lords and Ladies, is very subtle. He is affiliated with ruined houses returning to the earth, flying creatures (Especially ravens) and with old age. He was an ally of the First People, but if he carries resentment towards the humans of Patria, he is excellent at hiding it. Of all the Fey Lords, he has the most mortal servants.
He has a rather unusual proclivity towards treating with humans, and, unlike many of his counterparts, generally does not deliberately misinterpret his treaties and contracts. This does not mean, however, that treating with him is entirely safe. While he won't twist a contract after it is made, he has no qualms about making his deals favor him immensely. As such, most mortals looking for aid look elsewhere.

Lord Portico:
Lord Portico, as if a contrast to the Raven King, holds but a small court. Despite its size, however, it has great goals and substantial power. Tired of the infighting, periodic wars and ancient grudges that restrict the Fey Courts, Portico has dreams of uniting the Courts, ending the strife and creating a New World Order of the Fey, which could then aid the other races of Patria in following their example and improve their own situation. Most other Fey Lords and Ladies find this idea rather quaint and a somewhat pleasant daydream.

His magic is potent but limited. He and his court have the power to make things open. Generally, this means doors, whether they're there or not, cannot resist him. He can travel across the Hedge, through the Veil and ignores the concept of distance in the Mortal Realm. This can have other applications, as well. He can open the hearts of men to him, or lock them against the intrusions of others. He can open doors within mens minds, which can drive them insane through self-knowledge. Or, if he feels like it's nessecary, he can open their skulls or torso to the air.

Portico is generally fascinated with humans, and enjoys a chance to talk to them. He's fairly generous, by Fey standards, with his deals with human supplicants. His policies have made many other Fey Lords and Ladies, including the powerful Raven King, angry with him, but he has a couple powerful allies and is small enough of a threat that nobody has bothered to wipe him out yet.

This was a surprising amount of work. I'll do more later. Oh, right, Sunshani Sub-factions. That's next.