Ok, the afore-promised Sunshani sub-factions.

Torei - Subjugated underclass. They can't technically be bought and sold, but... In some areas, such as mining, their labors are slowly being replaced by gnome slaves.

Sub-Factions: Torei have little communication beyond word of mouth, most are illiterate, and have almost nothing in the way of coordination.

*Escapees - Some Torei try to make a break north, through Soleh to the Vallheim, or south, over the mountains towards the Dotze Affariata. They sometimes band together into small groups to ease their travels, but this makes them much easier to track.

*Commoners - These are the everyday sleep, eat, work, sleep folks. There's lots of them.

Nobles - I'll include freedmen, servants, bodyguards, etc. here.


*The nobles, the Assassin/Bodyguard/Samurai schools, archivists, poets, and various other skilled craftsmen, as well as Torei-hunters, gnome slave traders, overseers, etc.



The Neutral Folks, who want to stay out of it, the ivory-tower Phoenix, the blood and guts Grey Palm and the "let's just help folks get out" Unending Road.

Really, that's about it. Sunshan is pretty cut-and-dried.