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Not that I've noticed. Some of the board may be members only but the Handbooks certainly aren't. I'm looking at Eldariel's Barbarian Handbook right now on the Minmax Boards without any problem whatsoever.

Just to point out, I've never been a member of either BG or the Minmax Boards, I'm looking it explicitly as a Guest.
Ok, Nice to know.

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Yeah, the old boards won't be around much longer, so you should use MM links where possible. Oh, and if there's a useful thread which doesn't seem to have been reposted yet, say something in the Board Business section.

You can always view the boards as a guest. However, you need to make two posts before you can see most of the boards while logged in - agreeing to the rules (which are much shorter than the ones here) and starting an intro thread. We need it to keep spambots from infesting the place again; it's not as complicated as it sounds.
Ya I just did and joined the boards.
I will be updating the links to the new location here shortly.

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I found this one very handy:

alternative ways to get new class skills
Thanks will add this.