First cinqtuple post! Yay!

A couple new Fey Lords, then on to the Dotze Affariata sub-factions. I assume that will be slightly more fertile ground than Sunshan.

Mister Thistledown:
Mister Thistledown is rather peculiar in that he, like Lord Portico, have a powerful attraction to humans. His intentions, however, are less than entirely pure. He holds no court of Fey, though he has the ear of many other important Lords and Ladies, and holds a title.

Mister Thistledown frequently appears to nonmagical mortals in his truest form, a man dressed in classy clothes with an upper-class manner and a rather remarkable intrest in his subject. He consantly compliments thier beauty, talent, bearing, height, eye color, skin tone, and the way the blink. A royal blink, if he ever saw one himself! He calls on them in the evenings, when most everyone else is asleep, and converses with them in rooms of their house that may or may not have been there before. He offers them gifts, presents and various little favors if they will simply continue speaking with him. If they attempt to tell anyone else of their conversations, they find themselves giving an incredibly educated-sounding lecture on a completely separate, generally irrelevant subject.

Eventually, Thistledown offers his subject a position as a minor Fey noble under him. If they accept, they are made into changelings and given a small fief of their own. If they refuse, Thistledown is very apologetic, utterly polite, and, as a token of apology, reveals himself to the subject's family and leads them up to the highest point nearby (a belfry, a tall hill next to a cliff, a castle wall) for a little picnic. The children are generally the first to hit the ground. Thistledown is not one to take such rudeness lightly.

Thistledown's magic lies primarily in enchantment of others, and his ability to somehow always find land for his friends, despite having none of his own.

Lady Libriana:
Lady Libriana is considered by many to be an ascended Dryad or nymph, who amassed much land and power under herself during the time of the First People. She now holds a fief that rivals the Raven King's. The two are good friends and allies, and it is only his solitary and cold nature that keeps her from suggesting marriage.

Her power is that of beauty, and her large number of followers compose that majority of Fey artists and such. They have a tendency to give... gifts to unsuspecting humans, like a child made more beautiful (green is a beautiful color), or a horse painted in sparkling pastel colors.

Some of her servants include those who she has stripped of their beauty, mortals and fey alike. Altered by her magics, they hunger for things of elegance, fine art and the flesh of beautiful people. With herself as the most perfect dealer of such a drug, they are utterly in her power.