Dipsnig's Office

Slii cringes, but scurries closer to the desk, attempting to lay the sack on its edge.

"Slii was tasked with aiding two man-things in capturing a bounty, put forth by Remnant, for the amount of five thousand gold. Of that amount, two thousand was to go to NO mercenaries, and three to the two men who hired Slii. The trouble began when it was revealed that the traitorous half-thing, Marciano had a side deal in the shadows, that drove him to try to capture this bounty for himself. Much money he was being paid, and he remarked he wished to buy slaves with this. Slii would have ended his pathetic, worthless life had it not been for interference by the bounty's friend-mates. They paid off the filthy half-thing, a ridiculous amount, and Slii let the bounty go in exchange for the full amount of the ransom, five thousand gold. Slii recommends that no further contracts should be taken from this Marciano, and that if seen, he should be captured for his slaving ways."

Lay all the blame on the nasty hobbitses Slii, and maybe you'll save your hide for not getting a significant amount of that half a million gold Marciano weaseled out of the poor saps that called Marty friend.