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    Default Re: Meteor swarm plus spawn...(3.5 spell revamp+more spells) PEACH

    but are they to much? I made a point to make them much weaker then an orb of the same level, but still... this would be one spell slot for blasting an entire encounter, maybe two(then the 9th is all day long... yeah the 6th needs to be hour level)

    also, why bludgeoning? Evocation is energy based, so I figured energy damage was the way to go. would it be better to make it a weaker damage type and boost the damage.

    also, I made it fi... ok, found the answer, be right back

    edit: back. removed the fixed damage, and made the damage similer to call lightning and call lightning storm... so Kane0, would you use lesser meteor swarm instead of a fire ball? or would it be a toss up? or would that be ridiculous? My goal is to make each a toss up...
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