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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorm_the_DBA View Post
    The OOTS Kickstater Drive article can, and should, have information about the impact of the Drive on the wider world. Stuff like how it inspired a number of other webcomics (erfworld and a couple of others I've seen) to do their own, media discussions about crowd sourcing as a creative funding source, criticism (there has been some) of the way it worked, impacts on Kickstarter, etc.
    I'll say: I've just splurged on a .cc domain-name for future creative endeavours as a result of all of the above. Creative Commons Licences ftw! Creative Crowd, too...

    I'd've not have researched this to the point of finding a draft of the correct licence for my needs, were it not for the Drive. And, I doubt I'm the only one by a long chalk.
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