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That looks good; one down, only 300 more to go!
Thank you

Here's Jenova --synthesis-- for you guys to look at.

JENOVA --synthesis--
Challenge Level 18
Colossal Aberration 17
Init +16; Senses Perception +25
Defences Ref 33, Fort 55, Will 42, Mag 37
HP 560; MP 27; Threshold 55
Speed 8 squares (fly; perfect)
Melee Gore (repeating slap; silence*) +22 (4d6+18)
Fighting Space 5x5; Reach 6 squares
Base Attack +12; Grp +22
Special Qualities Spell Resistance (earth, no effect; gravity, no effect; poison, absorb), Terrifying Presence
Supernatural Abilities Mimic, Regenerate
Abilities Str 31, Dex 11, Con 47, Int 10, Wis 28, Cha 6
Spells Bio, Cure, Drain, Stop, Ultima
Feats Shake It Off, Skill Focus (Initiative, Perception, Spellcasting), Skill Training (Initiative, Perception)
Skills Initiative +16, Endurance +31, Perception +25, Spellcasting +16

*Repeating Slap inflicts the target with the Silence status-effect if JENOVAís attack roll exceeds the targetís Reflex Defence by 5 or more.