((Not my best work, but I only had half an hour set aside.))

Part 1: The Awakening

Roselia did not recieve the same comforts as her other fallen bretheren. Like Lossethir, she arrived in a frozen wasteland. Unlike Lossethir, she was saved only by the fact that the spirit had been courteous enough to deposit her in a cave, where she would not simply die to frostbite and the creatures skittering upon the ice. Even then, things seemed grim for the beloved daughter of the White City: the speed of the Spirit of Haste had allowed her to escape the horror that had attacked her father, an unfortunate concussion along the way had left her unconscious.

Now, however, she awoke. A pair of blue eyes flickered open to an unfamiliar ceiling, lit only by the viridian luminescence of the mossy coating upon the walls, and the muted sound of a gasp escaped into the chilling underground air. She was alone. For the first time in her life, she was truly alone. Father couldn't watch over her here, and most of her siblings were far away. Even Lossethir, the closest, would take months of travel to reach. Not that Roselia would know that. Yet.

Another chilling wind reached the bowel of this cavern, and the iridescent light continued to fall upon her like leaves in the Autumn. With some effort, she managed to stand. Her vision was still a bit blurry, but she could at least see the exit. Stumbling forward, stepping with care so as not to fall once again, Roselia began to ascend.

This section of the cave was dark and winding. Patches of the moss still grew along the walls, but they seemed impotent somehow, missing the same strength that they had in the larger cavity. Feeling forward with hand and foot alike, she managed to navigate upward without injuring herself. About halfway through the strange, winding tunnel, a sensation of further loneliness and terror hit Rose like a freight train. Still, despite the palpable fear of the unknown holding her back, the desperation of her situation drove her yet onward.

At the top of the tunnel, no light appeared. Of course not. After all, the light at the end of the tunnel would be expected. However, one of her other senses, one that she didn't even know she had, was assaulted by a wave of thoughts and whispers, and she collapsed into the snow with a pair of yellow eyes looking down upon her.