"Butterhold... can you make a ship? Like the Floating Bubble that was in the White City? Or was it called the Winged Wonder? No, no. I never did get to name it. Ohhhhh... that's frustrating. Anyways, can you make another one? I could help this time!"
Looking at his bother sister Haramhold nods "Aye we can do that. It will be fun..." the last sentence perhaps was a bit strained. Haramhold had never worked on a project with Jongo before and the prospect made him a little nervous.

But despite Haramhold's fears it was surprisingly fun. Usually when Haramhold works on a project he looses himself completely in it, giving great time and effort in every detail. This brings Haramhold a sense of fulfillment and pride. But working with Jongo was a whole different story. One day Haramhold would be seasoning the wood in the morning only to find himself dragged out into the countryside looking for that perfect sheep whose wool would be a perfect part of the sail. At first he was quite annoyed, this was not how things were done. But as the weeks passed Haramhold found that the uncertainty of what part of the ship would receive their attentions today was kind of exciting.

Haramhold choose strong oak and the finest steel for the ships hull and components. He gilded the railings and mast with silver and gold, covering the ship with beautiful swirls. Amanda also helped in the ships construction making the trip back to the crystal cave to cultivate and grow the crystals which would power the ship. Returning a week later with a basket filled with crystals of every shade and hue that glowed and pulsed with a vibrant light. Thus the ship was steadily and erratically constructed.

It took them three weeks to complete the vessel and what a fine vessel she was, lean and graceful and strong. Haramhold looked up where she floated in the sky and felt happy. Feeling a touch on his arm the god looks over to see Amanda singling him to get a different view. Haramhold suspiciously complied seeing that a Jongo like smile stretched across her face.