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Kalandor in the Rocklands

The land Kalandor the Traveler would find himself in was a far cry from the land where he had ascended. It was harsh and bright, a land where the ground was often either hard rock or loose sand, and where fields capable of growing even the slightest food were rare. Tall spires, shaped by wind and rain, towered in unearthly geometries in the tall hill country, before it fell down towards the southern deserts, or rose up into the forbidding mountains of the north.

Tribal camps were scattered across this land, moving outwards from a central point, a tall hill that could be seen from miles off. The ruins upon it must once have been great, but were now nothing more than broken shards stabbing at the sky; as he came closer, he could see that it had been turned into one great encampment, complete with small wooden palisades on the paths ascending the hill that could be used to turn it into a rough fortress, one easily broken by a more concerted military assault. Larger camps were set up in the land all around it, and these camps were a veritable mixture of disparate cultures all blending together, creating a unique and diverse culture all their own.

The people of these camps were, likewise, a mixture. Some were tall, some were short, but most had either bronzed skin or dusk-dark skin, and black hair that either hung in curls or fell straight, caught up into ponytails among both men and women. The men typically wore, out-of-doors, hoods and veils designed to protect them from the hot sun, while women still wore neither of these, but crude jewelry instead, made from leather thongs and sand-smoothed pebbles. However, they were slowly moving into something new and strange for them - a world where a man could cook, and a woman could hunt with the men.

They were, it must be said, suspicious of strangers, and unless he went directly to his sister who he would find curing an outbreak of fever in one corner of the encampment or introduced himself as the brother of Fayruz, Kalandor ever-yearning, he would find little friendship among them.
When Kalandor Travelled he travelled as an animal. It was easier, though anoying when you accidentally chose a hunted animal. He was however, much faster than any four legged or winged creture had any right to be. Playing as an insect was intresting, as long as he kept enough of a sheild to not be stepped on or attacked by insectavores (It's intresting fighting your way out of a bird when you don't want to make the bird explode in a shower of gore, possibly in public.).

Kalandor was very much tempted to enter as a traveller, but instead chose to surprise his sister, appearing out of nowhere and talking about medicine should do the trick.

And so, entering one of the huts she was working in, he waited as a small and rather insignificant bettle, that radiated no aura of divinity. When all were turned away, Kalandor reformed, containing his divinity and hiding it. When Fayruz turned from her patient, Kalandor spoke up, while revealing his divinity.
"Might I suggest Kanador Root, if any grows in the region. Some of my worshipers recommend it for its potency and it's ease of transport, however they arn't quite human so i'm unsure if it would be entirely healthy."