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    "So. Pour your energy into the ship, and I'll do the same, and we'll give it the name I've thought of. That should do it. Ready?"
    "Ready." and with that word Haramhold placed a calloused hand upon the ships hull and closed his eyes. Reaching down he drew forth a strand of his divine spark and sent it up his arm and into their ship where it merged with Jongo's own power. The energies intermingled and intertwined together as they expanded throughout every fiber of wood, every strand of metal and through every foot of rope and sail cloth.

    The light of their sparks shown forth from the two gods so brightly that the bystanders had to shield their eyes from its brilliance. When the surrounding mortals finally could see again they gasped in awe.

    The ship still sparkling rose into the crisp morning air, the sails unfurling by themselves to be filled by a sudden gust of wind which raced over the walls.

    Haramhold and Jongo looked upward as their creation rose into the sky swaying ever so slightly in the breeze. Both were speechless for a second.

    Jongo recovering first raised both his arms in joy announcing to the crowd, to his brother and most of all to the ship "I name you Green MorningStar!" and as he spoke his words a flash of golden light erupted from the side of the hull, and where it touched the wood the orange paint turned bright purple, spelling out the ship's name.

    As the god's stood there the men and women of Salus truly realized that they had been living with a god all these years. They had known intellectually but Haramhold was not one to brazenly show off his power. He had worked beside them for years, and it was hard to picture someone whom you've seen pound iron into nails as divine. Any doubt amongst the people was now gone.

    Haramhold smiled at his older sibling, finding it particularly funny that the ship named the Green Morningstar hadn't a speck of green anywhere on her.

    Loading the ship with the various supplies that would be needed was a relatively short task and when that was done Haramhold turned to Amanda and asked "Would you like to come with us?"

    Amanda thought for a moment, if Haramhold's siblings were anywhere close to as amusing and delightful and Jongo was then the trip would be worth it. And besides a part of her mind told her she wouldn't want to be separated from Haramhold for such a period of time. "I would love to."

    And so when the sun reached is zenith in the sky the three of them set off into the horizon.
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