Dark Sands

Dasqe sat, trapped by the beast that sought to quench her light. Of the three guardians that she had created, one was lost, shattered and sent spiralling into the depths of the black sands, and a second was missing its arm. Even the third was chipped and scarred from head to toe.

Dasque kept her eyes open, unblinking less she be caught unaware. She stared into the wind, looking at the way it twisted, and churned. She felt its essence, the element beyond the monster that controlled it. So long as the ancient, cruel thing controlled the wind about her, there was nothing she could do but be vigilant and wait, wait for some form of help to come, if any what left on the Disk, or to wait until she figured out how to grasp onto the formless, fey element herself.

She did her best to be subtle about it, only playing around with a small gust here and there, all she could control at the moment. Bored, and annoyed, she began to question the unnamed horror.

"Do you have a name?"

"Can you speak?"

"Are you simply playing with your prey, or does the light truly give you pause?"