Avyra, Turn One

"...Hm. That is...unexpected."

Avyra gazes at The Boy and The Guardian, who she had held to while walking through the curtain of fire; she feels...different, though she has not been able to see herself. There is a serenity in her that is a far cry from the fear she had felt when first coming to the realization that she was dead; she is dead no longer, but neither is she truly living.

Between two worlds is an accurate description, she believes. She can be killed, it is for certain, but...perhaps it would be more difficult to keep her dead. Death, after all, is nothing more than a cycle.

"You told me I would be reborn!" The Guardian paces, agitated; he is smaller, now, more accessible in size.

The fact does not seem to please him.

Nor does it seem to please him that he is still a spiritual being; apparently, holding fast to the Goddess of Death brings a spirit into the real world, without being "reborn". Not in the traditional sense, at least.

Avyra smiles, and her hands come up, pulling the face of The Guardian down to her.

"Your name is Anshar. In guarding the Wheel, you sought purpose, a reclamation of the task set before you by my Father. In being reborn, I grant you a new purpose...guard those that walk the Path, Anshar. Protect the lost, the wanderers, who cannot clearly see their way. I cannot be there in all places, at all times...I need help. Help me."

Her hands glow with power, and The Guardian stiffens; his eyes blaze, and his coat turns white, a beacon to shine in the dim greyness of the Quiet Lands.

"...Thank you." The words are quiet. "I shall serve you, daughter of Baz'Auran. I go, at your command."

Avyra sketches a doorway in the earth, that grows to a portal which is ever-shifting; Anshar steps through, and is gone.

1 Major Act: Create Exarch

"What about me?" The Boy tugs at Avyra's hand, and the goddess smiles.

"You? I think...you will stay with me, for a little while."

Some Time Later

Fayruz's song and a small, bright blue sprite of Faden's find Avyra at almost the same time; the goddess has been busy, to be sure. She and The Boy have been crafting some half-dozen figures, humanoid in shape but small like children; she is not as skilled an artist as her siblings, but a desire for recognizable figures has kept her at her work for long hours. It is only when she has them to her liking that she closes her eyes and reaches inside herself; with a gasping cry, she pulls forth six pieces of her own soul-matter, pressing them firmly into the mud shapes. It is painful, but they will be hers, unmistakably marked with her divine "signature"; as they begin to come alive, she sits heavily on the ground, and The Boy leans into her side.

The Messengers (better name coming later)
1 Minor Act: Create The Messengers, six beings that are borne of Avyra's own soul. Able to travel through the Quiet Lands, these small, humanoid creatures are moderately clever and very dedicated, able to take and respond to messages with ease. To mortals, if they are visible at all, they appear as quiet children; gods will be able to see them for what they really are, beings of Avyara's soul-stuff, used to her purpose. Because time flows differently in the Quiet Lands, The Messengers are able to deliver and respond to divine communications swiftly, though after an extended travel they need time to rest.

To Fayruz:
"My sweetest sister:
It is a joy to hear that you have survived these trials and are strong in your own right. I am so glad that you have finally found a true foothold and are secure in yourself. I, too, have found my destiny...I promise, sister, I will come to visit you soon.

Be well."

To Faden:
"Faden! One of your charming little sprites has found me, and I am sending it back with this message. It is good to hear from you! I feel so isolated here, and receiving information from my siblings--finding those that still live--is always reassuring. Please, come visit me soon!"

Sending the sprite on its way, and the Messenger to Fayruz, Avyra looks down at the other five.

"Find my siblings...whichever ones you can. Look for Lossethir in particular, please? Nieve as well. But whichever you find, tell them that I am here...and that I wish them well."

Another door is drawn, and The Messengers go; Avyra sighs, and lies back in the grass.

I suppose I should set about building a home...it is a pity that none of my more...mechanically skilled siblings are here to assist me with it."