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    Jongo looked upon Green Morningstar, and smiled. Certainly, there was a crew here, to do the nominal work.

    But Jongo knew - just knew - it wasn't needed.

    Green Morningstar was alive. It breathed with the wind. It laughed with the tide. And it was the only ship of it's kind.

    Looking over at her brother and niece, Jongo grinned.

    "So. Can I drive?"


    "Awwwwwww.... No one ever lets me have any fun." Jongo pouted, but quickly recovered.

    Closing his eyes, Jongo looked in on her mindscape.

    The Green Morningstar flared a bright green glow of life, just like it's name. No one else may understand, as there really was not a speck of green found anywhere on the Living Ship, but the soul of the thing, it's essence, was a brilliant green.

    There was so many possibilities for the Ship that it was blotting out any other sight. Jongo was quiet for several minutes, just closing down his senses of the ship. Finally, slowly, the green feeling was manageable, and Jongo saw past it.

    The easy feeling of Death was to the south west, very close as far as the Green Morningstar was concerned. Less than a day or two.

    The chilly feeling of Winter radiated cold from very far to the north west.

    The grand feeling of Honor was directly north perhaps four days or so.

    But there were a great deal of lights to the south west, over a week or more's travel. What Jongo thought might be Fayruz was together with what could be Kalandor. And the great bright feeling of pure Light was with the void that seemed to be rejecting the Chaos. What felt like pure Magic - and was probably Faden - was closer, but...

    No. What was needed now for Jongo's plans was a surety of Protection. Two days travel, maybe.

    "Helm! We head north, and a bit west. Hard to port, because I need a drink! Easy to starboard, because all stars should be welcome on this ship." Jongo pointed to where he felt they should go. Then realized... there were two captains of this ship.

    Turning towards the feeling of Haramhold, Jongo fell silent. This was the first time taking in his brother's essence. It was... well-constructed. Solid. It could be shaken, parts of it could be broken, but it would always - always - rebuild. Perhaps a bit different, but it would remain strong.

    Jongo wouldn't forget that easily. She opened her eyes, green and grey, and stared at Haramhold. "Can you not feel them? Can you not feel where we should go next, who we should meet? I think that's Carolinus just a little ways away, north. He deserves to see a friendly face. What do you think, Butterfly?"
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    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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