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Hrm. I really don't like how the Crain's one says that I have a chronic illness that "limits my ability to attract Web advertisers." As if I wanted my site to be plastered with ads, but I just couldn't manage to find any willing to take a chance on me.

I'm not going to add articles that mention me once, then go on to talk about Kickstarter, but the PW and Crain's are definitely going on the list.
I am a chessplayer of some skill and fo that I ended up on local newspapers on occasions, and that tougth me one thing: journalists have no idea what they're talking about. Maybe big newspapers will have specific experts for politics or other big stuff, but when it comes to those kind of secondary news, the guy who do the writing simply don't know the argument and will do the best he can with what he have, making a lot of mistakes in the process.
From my experience, you're lucky they at least got your name right: a good third of the times I was mentioned in papers, my name was misspelled.