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    Jongo wouldn't forget that easily. She opened her eyes, green and grey, and stared at Haramhold. "Can you not feel them? Can you not feel where we should go next, who we should meet? I think that's Carolinus just a little ways away, north. He deserves to see a friendly face. What do you think, Butterfly?"
    Haramhold looked into the empty air, sending his senses far and wide. Yes he sensed a powerful divine sparks where Jongo had indicated. "I think that is as good an idea as any."

    As Salus disappeared over the horizon Haramhold found himself leaning over the railing staring into the distance lost in thought. This was the first time he had mingled his essence with Jongo's. It was deep and wide, like an ocean. Haramhold felt small in comparison to the eldest.

    Amanda was amazed at how well the ship flew. How it soared through the air, she spent the first few hours at the control crystal. A clear orb two feet in diameter with green sparks of energy arcing within. She sent the ship diving and banking with the wind, becoming accustomed to how the ship handled and her limitations. Much to Jongo's delight.

    When darkness overtook the land Haramhold yawned and descended below deck to sleep. Arriving in his room his PINK room Haramhold snorted with annoyance, what a gaudy color. Placing a hand on the wooden walls he willed the wood to turn a more pleasing shade of brown. With that done, he settled into his hammock and quickly drifted off to sleep, his dreams filled with the look of joy on Amanda's face as she steered the ship.

    In the morning Haramhold awoke to his room, his PINK room and if at all possible it had turned an even brighter shade than before. Sighing the god quickly changed into some clean cloths and opened his door. It did not lead to the hallway adjoining the stairs leading top side as it had the previous night. It instead connected directly to a storage room filled with crates.

    Closing the door Haramhold counted to ten and opened it again. This time it lead to the empty mess hall. "I'm sorry for changing the color of the walls Green MorningStar. I need to get topside." Closing the door the second time Haramhold re opened it to find that it lead to the armory, where a half a dozen swords, spears and bows hung on the walls. "Come on! I said I was sorry what more do..." Haramhold was cut off by a shrill scream "Amanda" he whispered. Stepping into the armory Haramhold hastily grabs a spear spinning around to the exit in one smooth motion and when the god opened the door for the fourth time it lead directly to the stairs.

    Running up the stairs as fast as his legs could carry him Haramhold vaulted onto the deck. A four winged monstrosity stood between Amanda and the control crystal its long sharp beak fending off the Exarch's attempts to steer the ship away from the rest of the incoming flock.

    Charging ahead Haramhold catches the creature off guard slamming his spear into its flank. The monster's scream was as loud and shrill as an eagle's but as deep and menacing as a lions. It tried to knock Haramhold away with a strike of its wings but to no avail, the god's charge would not be halted so easily. Pushing forward Haramhold grunts and with a mighty heave throws the beast off the ship, watching as it plummeted to the earth. Only to catch itself and sluggishly glide away, wounded but alive.

    By this time Amanda had placed her hands on the control crystal, the green arcs blazing with intensity but to no avail. The flock was already to close to escape and they were hungry.

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