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    Moment's Ago, aboard the Green Morningstar

    Up in the crow's next, Jongo let the wind whip in his face, and the breeze flow through her hair.




    True, too be honest, Jongo had been flying before. But never like this. Never on a craft that was cutting through the air like a sword through creampuffs.

    Creampuffs. Blast. Now Jongo missed Llassar.

    A little sprite like fairy darted into the crow's nest, a dark shade of silver dust floating around it. It landed near Jongo, and the Everchanging got a closer look at it. It wasn't dust. It was magic.

    Another of Faden's messengers? Like before, the thought of Faden's name was enough. The sprite looked over at Jongo, and suddenly Jongo's head was full of information.

    Faden was going to be travelling towards Fayruz. On... some type of bird, if he could? That sounded fun.

    Faden always did have the most fun, after me, of course. Jongo smirked, and closed his eyes.

    "Quack! Tell Duckie that Haramhold and I are on a ship that Butterfly made, and I helped! We're close to what we think may be Carolinus, so we're going to visit and find out." Jongo heard the bell like tinkle, as the silvery thing shot off in the distance. Jongo sat there, in the crow's nest, eyes closed, just enjoying the breeze.

    Then something changed.

    Amanda screamed.

    Opening her eyes, Jongo saw he was no longer in the crow's nest, but on the bow of the ship.

    To the right, and closing fast, were a large flock of strange monstrosities. Each had four brown leathery wings, long wicked beaks, and short stumpy legs. They were like some sick twisted giant bat, from a horrible nightmare.


    "Chaos Beasts." Jongo changed form, first growing as big as she could, which wasn't all that large, but still almost twice the size as one of these... these...


    Whatever they were.

    Green Morningstar began to shake for whatever reason, like someone at the helm was losing control. Jongo didn't have much time.

    The Band of Chaos began to sing out, as Jongo altered his form. Oddly, it was in key, and sounded strong and powerful.

    Jongo grew wings, and changed into a more perfect mimicry of what they were seeing now. Where the Beasts were all leathery and stretched skin, Jongo's wings were white and feathery, with brown fur sprouting along Jongo's arms. Where the Beasts had long, sharp, dangerous looking beaks, Jongo grew a short, proud eagle's hook of a beak. Their short stubby claws on their almost non-existent legs were a pale comparison to the powerful looking talons on each of Jongo's new fingers and toes.

    Another scream. This one like the sound of a lion's roar, if it was as ear piercing as a hawk's cry. Jongo didn't even bother to turn. She could feel Haramhold's stolid form on deck, and the Living Ship righted itself.

    Growing a golden mane around his neck, Jongo sprang from the bow of the ship, and plunged into the thick mess of Beasts. The Band of Chaos was an unmovable circlet upon Jongo's new proud bird-like head.

    She could hear their Chaos reacting to the presence of the Band and Jongo's own power. It hungered, like a small pinprick from the Abyss. It wanted something. The Beasts wanted something.

    So Jongo gave it to them.

    "I am Jongo, Master and/or Mistress of Chaos! You will heed my call, and leave this place!" Crying out with a powerful voice that surely reached those on board Green Morningstar, Jongo felt resplendent, and was certain that this could work.

    It should work. It would work.

    The Beasts were stunned, flapping in place, as they all stared curiously at the large regal version of themselves in their midst.

    And then each one uttered their lion-shriek, and charged straight at Jongo.

    It, apparently, didn't work.

    Note to self. Do not get surrounded by Chaos Beasts. The Band of Chaos laughed, as Jongo went into a dive, and the whole wave of... things... followed, one after another, until they were a spiral cone traveling downwards with one wicked purpose.

    Sadly, that purpose was likely counter productive to Jongo's continued existence, so he worked hard to stay ahead of them.

    Jongo's form seemed to be helping to keep the lead, but leveling out the dive to dodge the closest... thing, Jongo could see that the sky was darkened by countless Beasts, their tiny spark of Chaos reacting very badly to Jongo's own spark.

    Flapping furiously, Jongo darted towards the Living Ship, and yelled in between wingstorkes, "Butterfly! Amanda-girl! I do believe...

    I'm going...

    to need...

    a little...

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    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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