Flapping furiously, Jongo darted towards the Living Ship, and yelled, "Butterfly! Amanda-girl! I do believe... I'm going to need HELP!"
"Amanda, maneuver the ship high and starboard at my signal!" Haramhold bellowed as he raced to the side of the ship Jongo was flying toward.

Releasing the crystal of inner light from the golden cage around his neck Haramhold gathers his will into the crystal. Holding back its light Haramhold waited.

Jongo furiously flapped hir wings and the moment the god shot past hir brother, Haramhold shouted "NOW!" as he released all of the pent up energy in the crystal. Its bright light outshining the sun.

The chaos beasts shrieked in terror suddenly too blind to see the ship. The first several beats slammed against the hull with a sickening crunch before plummeting to the earth. The rest managed to frantically balk their momentum scattering for a moment. But they quickly regathered and were now weary of their prey spreading themselves out so as to avoid such another mistake.

Haramhold returned the crystal of inner light to its cage and readied his spear "Any ideas?"