Dark Sands

Dasque's eyes sent white sparks of anger out as her inner radiance boiled over. What was the wind? Was it pushed? Was it pulled? Was it strangled around the lecherous, vicious thing that besieged her?

No, it was all about pressure.

Major Act: Gain and Ability: Air Mastery: Dasque has gained intimate knowledge of the air from her fight with the Sussurus, learning its fundamental secrets.

There was two seconds of a deep, low rumbling from the space around Dasque as the pressure intensified. For that brief momet all was silent. Then Dasque let loose a half smile, and released the air around her, shattering her corrupted servants, and causing the air around her to spiral wildly, as she played with the air like a puppet master.

The goddess wrapped the air around heer body and lifted herself off the ground, carrying her off the tower, moving fast towards the divine sibling that awaited her below. She did not look to see which of her siblings it was, her focus bent of manipulating the wind, and seeing if it was enough to stop the creature.