The Black Sands

Kalandor cursed himself. Ghoul wasn't the only cry but he had to take this form if he wanted to make sure that as few would come to harm as possible from these beasts. He wasn't a skilled fighter by the standerds of the holy city, or even that of this worlds greater heoroes. He was however two things, very fast, very strong, and very adaptable.
So was his weapon, funnaly enough.

With the left hand one falling back to the slings swift stones Kalandor switched from weilding a twin glaive to a spear with a rather stout end. Of all the polearms and staves this is by far the most useful, having much force behind it, and caperble for a range of strikes, from quick slashes like a sword to impalement.
Kalandor pitied the ghoul, to use the humans word for it, as it was fallen upon it a blur of spear, fand and horn.