So, I was wonderinf if I might request a pony as well... I'm not sure if I can call myslf a brony yet but... I'm on my way. And I'd at least use a pony avatar for here.


I'm not entirely sure how to specify things as I'm also kind of indecisive... But I'll try anyway.

Gender: Male
Type: Earth pony (or broken horn unicorn?)
Coat color: something neutral, gray or dark blue, nothing too flashy
Mane color and style: bleached blond
Eye color: brown(? not really important)
Cutie mark: either a sketch of a katana or that
Pose: whatever you like
Expressions: Hm... something reserved, not too happy, not sad or something... again, not really sure.
Accessories or costumes: Nothing that's absolutely necessary but if some challenge is wanted one hoof replaced with a mechanical version like this or that. Maybe also a headband or some goggles...

Yeah, I really have a hard time deciding on these things
Anyway, if someone would like to do it I'd be really glad