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    cool Stories etc

    This is a thread for telling your character's backstories, current stories, or offscreen adventures in story form, rather than interactive roleplay. Everything posted here is presumed canon unless otherwise stated. Non-canon, alternate-Nexus, or stories from other settings are welcome also, and will be indexed in a separate table from the canon stories.

    Rules of the thread:
    1. Please do not use anyone else's character, faction, or other creation without their permission. Since this is a canon thread, I will not be collecting a 'blanket permissions' list as was done in the Alt thread.
    2. Sexual content should be none to minimal. Fade to black or use the curtain.
    3. Same with explicit violence. Read the Forum Rules if you aren't sure whether your content is appropriate.
    4. If you want your story indexed, you must provide a header with a story title. Character/Topic is encouraged, but optional.

    1. Non-canon or other non-Nexus stories are allowed, but please specify them as such so they will be indexed properly.
    2. Authors, check your entries on the index to make sure the link works, and the story is indexed the way you like.
    3. Readers, please give lots of feedback! This is fuel for writers. Putting a story out there and hearing nothing at all is very dispiriting. Getting affirmation that the story was read and appreciated encourages more stories.
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