Chelonie "Happy" Amakirr

Part 1: Betrayal
Part 2: Promise
Part 3: Monster

These stories were written ages ago, concerning a character who is almost never onscreen anymore. Happy was my original PC. Darcy is an alternate dimension version of her.

Point of divergence (spoilers for stories above):
The point of divergence in their stories is Uncle Raven. In Darcy's history, Uncle Raven was killed when she was a baby. Because of that, Yvette's scheme to murder Miranda in the first story succeeded, and Rabbit was never born. No one ever learned that Yvette was a murderer. Without her uncle pushing her, Darcy focused less on combat training, and spent more time on sorcery. Since she never lost her mother, her childhood was much happier.

Peter Raven's unrequited love for Rabbit's mother was a force of destruction. He loved Miranda and Rabbit to the end, and they both hated and feared him.