Defelent and 'Nymiiria'

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"I would get out more, if I could. Unfortunately, I need to keep the Temple running. That includes buying in food, replacement clothes, repairs, and other finance management." Such as dealing with smuggled and stolen goods. "That's not all, though; I need to be sure that everybody knows when the next service is; for secrecy purposes we don't keep a tight schedule. And I need to arrange what's going to go in the sermon, arrange strategic bribes in the local law enforcement so the bosses of Riverside don't discover where our Temple is- those bosses include vampires, another religion and a group whom we once prevented from raiding a cemetery- I don't know much about them. We have potential enemies in each, and they all have better resources than I do." The head priest has a lot of work to do. Most things are his responsibility; he can delegate, but Defelent only has two sub-priests to delegate to, and it's the job of the clerics to find new converts- something they can't do if they're stuck doing paperwork.
"Well, perhaps what you need are some trusted subordinates, so that you can delegate those duties? It seems that you simply have too much to do for any one person to handle on his own, capable though they are," the half-drowess observes.

Dani & Dio

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"I'm always willing my dear, for anything in all situations. When should this little rendevous be arranged for?" Dionysius has had his interest piqued, and there's no turning back now.
"Tomorrow afternoon?" Dani suggests, with a grin and a giggle.