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    Let's see... I figure it's about time that I explain what's going on here.

    It's true that Bibliography is in a bit of a legal snarl at the moment, but it's also given me time to reflect upon the work as a whole and what I want from it. What I've discovered is that Bibliography is getting further and further away from what I wanted it to be.

    Bibliography was something I started when the GaijinManga guys came to me for a comic that they would like to put on their site. The first premise of the story was very similar to a lot of other stories, taking inspiration from Melty Blood, Vampire: The Masquerade, and similar stories about vampires in the city. Ben was supposed to have a gun for a weapon, and rather than being derived from werewolves and prophets, Eve and Tony were simply from different clans of vampires, and Roy was merely a started villain instead of integral to the plot. I found this too derivative and boring, and so I switched to the Pages we see now.

    One Piece went through several versions before ever being released, and was planned out far, far in advance. This was something that I didn't do, and it started coming to haunt me later on. The idea of Sigils versus Pages was something I found cool, but the more I continued on with the story the more I realized that Sigils were unnecessary and that Pages were much cooler. So many things that I could've changed had I actually taken the time to think about it. There were characters, too, that were inserted when necessary yet I didn't have the chance to plot out beforehand, and dangling plots and characters that I planned to make a difference yet never got their chance to shine.

    I might not be making a lot of sense here... If that's so, I'm sorry. But there's been a sense of dissatisfaction with Bibliography on my end for the longest time, and it's not because I don't like it. I really do like it, the idea and the mood, but it's getting further and further away from me, and it's mostly due to my skill. Completely unhappy with how I was drawing characters and backgrounds, I kept experimenting with the art, making each page look different from another and incohesive as a whole. Inability to trust in my own plots, I would add in other hooks if I thought my main one was weak. My skills could not live up to my own vision about Bibliography.

    I know this must feel like a sucker-punch. I hate betraying my fans' expectations. Bibliography was my first comic that I got more than 10 pages out of, and I'm really happy about that. I made a lot of mistakes during the course of it, but that's just part of the learning experience, and I'm taking these lessons to heart as I continue to work on more and more comics.

    I'm really sorry about leaving it on cliffhanger like this, but Bibliography, as I'm sure most of you have seen coming by now, is on an indefinite hiatus. I will come back to Bibliography in the future, but chances are it'll be a complete reboot.

    If you guys have any questions about anything Bibliography related, from future plots to anything miscellaneous, please go ahead and ask. I've already answered a lot of questions from Silverraptor.

    Hoping this post makes sense - it was very stream-of-consciousness.
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