I think I see what you mean. Thanks for the input.

Entry two

When I made my pact, I did not expect to be in a situation like this.

We have been at the monastery for two days now. The monks here all have taken a vow of silence, with two exceptions. They have a leader, of sorts, who did not take such a vow. There is a ship from the mainland that comes here once every two months. It is his duty to speak with them. Annoyingly, the ship left somewhat recently. We are required to help on the farms, in the meantime.

Bards. Liars, I'm sure of it. This is not what I was given to believe adventurers did.

The other monk who speaks has evidently forsaken his vows. He seems more merchant than monk, now. Most of what we traded with him was information, as they have no use for gold. We have learned a little about the isle.

First, there is no way we could swim to the mainland. About the isle itself, there is a rather sizable forest covering most of it. It seems to glimmer in the sun...there's something odd about that. The monks want to convert it to farmland. The monks are not warriors, and cannot deal with it. So, we have offered to hunt it down in exchange for use of a smaller ship they have moored here.

Hunting some dangerous beast in exchange for passage. I suppose that's a little closer.