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Thread: [NEXUS] MaGLoG II: Alcoholic Boogaloo

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    [After the Show - Irena and Nadia]

    Irena can't help to giggle at her blushing face but then smiles reassuringly, "Then you won't have any trouble playing a slave. As for me, I like being dominant so it will be a bit harder." It's quite obvious she liked the answer though, looking at Nadia with even less subtle desire.

    [After the Show - Dena and Kirk]

    Dena have nothing against being kissed by such an skillful dancer and happily plays along, kissing Kirk back passionately before starting to dance again. "So... when is that auction starting anyway? How much time do we have left?" She asks suggestively while pressing herself against him once he starts pulling her towards her during the dance.
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