Bar - Harnel

Jezebel is about to answer him when Dave taps on her shoulder. She'll give him a hard glare before turning back to the dragonkin. "Aside from making someone leave during the show, that's the message your wife asked me to deliver. The Masks, or her. Time is short, so decide."

Missy and Javert

"I've been completely honest with you, so you can be with me."
He states as he lets himself be pulled to the dancefloor.

Reelshka and Pathfinder

It's only after he gets her to the dancefloor that he pauses. Reaching up, he paws his muzzle in embarrassment. "I...I'm not sure I would be able to dance anything appropriate here." He admits.

Jake and Vasquez

Vasquez flashes him a smile and lets him take her hand. "The honor is mine." She tells him warmly, enjoying their date.

Backstage - Xifra and Salome

Salome can't refrain from nearly glomping Xifra and kissing her as hard as she can. After a long moment, she wraps her tail around her Mistress with a smile. "Mistress and I should get dressed now. We have another show to put on." She says, remembering something with remarkable clarity for once.