Pathfinder and Reelshka

The Wolfen will follow Reelshka's lead, and even though his footing is sure and careful, he likely won't know any dances Reelshka would.

Missy and Javert

Before they dance, as they get into position, he whispers into her ear. "If I were to do something, you wouldn't have to worry about finding out about it."

When they dance, she'll feel that it is perfectly effortless for him no matter how many notches she turns it up. He doesn't breathe heavily or even sweat, as if this were all natural to him.

Jake and Vas

Vasquez isn't too good of a dancer either, but she enjoys being close to him as she whispers little things into his ear that might cause them to leave the party early.

Bar - Harnel and Dave

"I wasn't the one who decided to trust a stranger over my wife."
Jezebel whispers back before ignoring him, knowing that if Harnel caused any trouble, security would get him out.

She'll look at Dave after a moment, scowling. "What did you need?"