Missy and Javert

"You'd like to think that, wouldn't you?" Missy hisses back, and the tango becomes rather more competitive.

It might draw some attention, particularly from Missy's previous cyborg dance partner.

Butler and Andy and... Moff?

While Butler and Andy are talking, Moff comes up behind Butler and starts petting his ears, feeling only a little bit guilty. I mean, sure, he enjoys petting them, and Butler enjoys being petted, but his thoughts are most assuredly not platonic. Which ordinarily wouldn't bother him - I mean, if Moff had to feel guilty every time he had impure thoughts about straight boys, he'd never get anything done - but it's Butler, and this particular thought is accompanied by a physical action, and those two factors complicate things.

Not enough to stop him from doing it though.

*actions attempted