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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindfreak View Post
    I Have No Voice and I Must Scream
    I Have No Voice and I Must Scream
    A Backstory involving Bill the Deathclaw
    Relax Bill, just relax…
    He was in his Followers of the Apocolyspe lab, a dingy place that he shared with his wife Monica. In front of him was various test tubes with chemicals and solutions in them. It had taken a long time to get to this stage in his research and if he messed up here he’d mess up years worth of research.
    Alright…now just pick up the first test tube and put it in the mix.
    He picked up the first test tube, it was filled with a red chemical with an acrid smell. His hand wavered as he prepared to pour it into the mixing device.
    The red liquid poured easily into the mixing device. Bill sighed in relief as he put back the test tube and reached for the one filled with a green chemical that had a sickly sweet scent.
    Just gotta get this one in…
    The chemical poured easily into the mixing device as well. Bill put back the test tube and placed the cap on the mixing device and turned it on. He wouldn’t need to worry about it for a couple more hours. He would use that time to go out and pick up the anniversary gift for Monica from Crow. He left his safety goggles on the hook and slipped on a coat, heading outside into the cold D.C. Ruins. Monica passed by him as she went inside the lab, giving him a quick hug.
    I love you Monica
    Once he was a couple feet away from the laboratory there was an explosion behind him and he was thrown forward by the force.
    W-what’s going on!?!?!?
    He turned slowly, horror on his face as he saw the lab going up in flames.
    No! Monica!
    The lab had another explosion rip through it, and Bill covered his face with his arm as bits of the walls flew past him. There was no way Monica could have survived it. Bill knew that and he fell to his knees in shock.
    S-she’s gone…

    Not bad, but sort of cliched. Still, nothing wrong with the classics, I suppose.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beans View Post
    (I'll start this here and finish it sometime tonight, maybe.)

    Carrie was born in what had been a smallish Scottish town circa 1900; this town was spontaneously swallowed into the Nexus about 75 years before Carrie's birth. These circumstances left the locals somewhat more succeptible to curses than the Nexus norm; accordingly, demonic spirits took advantage of this and seeded the people with a few hereditary curses, one of which cropped up in a little girl named Caroline.
    This curse only became evident with the onset of puberty. Wings grew painfully from her back, and her hands became dry and cracked.

    This will be much more elaborate when I have the time.
    Not much to say here yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing it continue.
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