The World is Crumbling, But There's Still Kindness

The Beginning of Bill's Backstory:

Bill stalked the lonely desert quarry in the Mohave. He wasn't as dumb as any other deathclaw, though his name wasn't even Bill at this point in his life...
In fact, it wasn't anything since a human came in recently and wiped out his whole family.
So he was all alone, so lonely that he was simply living until something came to kill him.
And he was so alone. So very...very...alone...
Yet it seemed like someone would grant his wish of death, as he spotted a woman on the horizon. He ran towards her, making it look like he'd murder her as she raised up a large box and clicked the trigger.
Suddenly, Bill found himself overcome with paralyzation.
The woman walked up calmly to him.
"I've seen you for a while around here, acting more sad then a deathclaw usually I'm going to bring you to the Followers of the Apocalypse. The way you just ran out me showed you wanted I'm going to give you a new life. Now follow me."
Overcome with the desire to, Bill followed...