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    So far it's looking like it'll be good! But, what's a deathclaw?

    Marciano Louv're

    Keep your wits about you....and you'll stand on top.

    Marciano was born in Cylar. He was born to an incredibly poor family...He had two siblings, his sister, Ariele, and his brother, Bastion. Sadly, Ariele died of a deadly disease at the age of twelve. Marciano was the youngest and was usually a very good boy. He did his chores, cleaned the house every once in a while, and getting a less than average education from his mother. Marciano was always rather scrawny. Thin, and not too handsome either. He was a good boy. Soon, a thief in rags, merely a thug, killed his father and Bastion one night. Marciano was left only with a poor mother who's health was fading.
    Marciano eventually was forced to become a petty thief. He did his best to keep his family alive until he could get a job. His mother died of hypothermia in the cold slums of Cylar...Marciano was utterly devastated. His whole family...destroyed. Killed off by disease and mugged by a thief. Marciano couldn't give up however. He had to feed himself.

    Years ago, the first revolution of Cylar occurred. Marciano was drafted into the army. Marciano was no kind of warrior...He hid away on the battlefield. Armed with a pistol. He sneaked out of the imperial's makeshift bunker one night. He waited for a while. Soon the battle had resumed. Marciano crept down out of the cave he was hid up in. He scavenged the battlefield in the dark of night. He hunted for any sort of currency. He robbed corpses. Soon, he had gathered many a gold. He was moderately disgusted at what he'd done. He gathered a small amount of profit. Then he found the Imperial General. The General was wounded on the battlefield. Marciano was supposed to be on his side...Marciano slit the man's throat and stole the man's clothes, hat, and a very large diamond. Marciano soon bumped into Grantaire. Who was on the rebel side. Grantaire told Marciano that he just wanted to be alive. Marciano and Grantaire fled Cylar. They traveled for weeks, that came to months, that came to years. Three to be exact.

    Then they found a magical item, robbed off of a priest of Pelor, who was on a pilgrimage. The pair of thieves were teleported into the Nexus. They needed to keep themselves alive. Soon they heard that Remnant had a bounty on a "Marty Aceford" Marciano was planning to kidnap him and retrieve the bounty. Then he was contacted by a mysterious man who wanted Marty dead. Marciano double crossed the mystery man and lied to the man that he killed Marty. He even had "proof". Marciano then made another half a million profit off of Marty's ransom. He managed to leave with a large fortune. He had to double cross one of NO's bounty hunters, Marty's friends, an employee of Sleeping Goblin, an insane wolf hybrid, and a pair of wizards. Yet he was unscathed and much, much richer. Now he heads to AMEN. He has a plan.
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