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    Do any of you fine, far-more informed folks know if min-maxing endeavors have reached any sort of conclusion as to which stats a tank should prioritize?

    I went on a bit of a buying spree, replacing some old gear that I've had for nearly ten levels and while browsing the GTN, I was left to wonder what a Sith Juggernaut should gear for. For a while, I was exclusively seeking endurance and defense, in that order. Now though, after paying closer attention to my tree, I have to add shield rate and absorption into the fold.

    So what are the stat priorities for an end-game Jugg?
    I have no tank experience, but: Most of the stat priorities depend on each other, so your best bet would be to find a spreadsheet where you can enter your current stats, and see what an increase to each would do. I found one for tanks, but it would be tough to answer the question without knowing your existing stats, especially because shield and absorb depend so much on each other (like crit/surge for a DPS) from my understanding.

    From just playing around on the sheet: If you are just starting from 0, you want Defense, in general (as a Jugg, the other classes are different); like I said, it's hard to answer without knowing your stats and your options.
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