[After the Show - Dena and Kirk]

Safe curtains huh? Well, Dena is glad seeing him so eager even after that group session he had not too long ago.
Getting off the dress should be easy enough, it almost came off a few times during the tango. <.<

She giggles, "Finally, this damn thing have almost slipped off me all night, next time I think I will pick something with straps on." And the next instance she seem to have produced a potion from somewhere which she puts to Kirk's mouth, "Be a good boy now..."

[After the Show - Irena and Nadia]

Still feeling rather awkward Irena puts her arm around Nadia. While she doesn't really want to comment on that it would be a shame if her girlfriend fell asleep during this, especially since she knows it's going hell of a job waking her up later. "Hey... don't fall asleep now ok?"