Defelent & 'Nymiiria'

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"I do have two priests permanently attached to my Temple, yes. Although they have their own duties and tasks. What I need are some students and Novitiates, clerics that haven't learnt all the secret rituals. But only one person has received an image from Dalachrech whilst they stayed within my Temple." And it was Naethalee. And students and Novitiates are better than Initiates because students only the one job- to learn Abyssal, and learn Dalachrech's teachings. Novitiates start learning how to cast spells, and learn the easier secret rituals. So both have plenty of free time to devote to rearranging timetables and such like.
And Naethalee is still uncertain and conflicted about accepting! After her conversation with Genesis. But she hasn't mentioned that to Defelent yet. Maybe she should.

"I see...hopefully others will be accepted as well, so that they can be of assistance," she tells him with a smile.


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"I'm afraid I'm up for auction at this particular event, so unless you are thinking of bidding on my person I don't think I'll have the time. Later in the week, perhaps?" Dionysius frowns expressively, making it clear just how much he'd rather spend time in her company than with any of the boors around.
"Oh, well, I'm also up for auction! So I guess it will have to wait a little bit," Dani says, giggling cheerfully.