Bar - Dave and Jezebel

"I've heard of you, but I've also heard of your wife."
Jezebel says with a touch of annoyance. "While I believe a free clinic in Red Zone would be good, I can't allow you to set one up within Mask Territory. One of our members had a run-in with your wife once. From his account, it was far from a good thing. She had been hunting children in the area and...we'll say she attacked him." She tells him bluntly. "I hope you understand, but I have to be able to protect those who depend on me."

Missy and Javert

"I don't think that. I know that."
Javert says before turning it up a notch as well. He told her that his enhancements are only in his arms and under-skin armor, not his reflexes, which makes his unhuman like precision, speed, and agility somewhat unsettling.