Shadows of memories - Almost an Annabelle backstory!

Annabelle lay in thought. She had often had time to think since re-animation, trapped in this hole underground that no light ever touched. She barely had memories of light anymore only memories of memories. There was nothing in the tight space of this coffin save for darkness, and the distant muffled noises above. What was up there? How long had it been since she first lay dead?

Ever since death, the ghoul's memories had become... fractured. Gaps were missing that shouldn't be; holes that only seemed to become wider with time. So much of her history was gone. Who she was, what she did, who her friends were... how did she live? How did she die? The memories might never return, and those few things she remembered had become hazier the longer she spent locked away down here. Not even her own name could escape those all-consuming holes in her memory.

But sometimes, if she closed her eyes, memories did come. Strange memories. Solemn memories. Things she couldn't understand how she could remember. Lying in an open casket in the rain. Figures in robes standing near, speaking to one another as they encircled her. It seemed to blur, these strange figures standing over her, as if her mind had sped up the memories to cover the gaps. They would stare down at her for a time and glance at each other, words leaving their lips that hung back just beyond her recollection, and they would move on. But soon the memories would slow. A solitary figure would come long after the others had gone and lay a rose down with her. His form was not cloaked, though he seemed nothing but a shadow in her mind. He would lean down and close her eyes with a hand and whisper something what was it? She could remember nothing but that quiet murmur before the feeling of the casket lowering and sending her into this dark place.

It had always felt sad. Not ominous, nor malicious... truly sad. It was one of the only memories she had left that was more than a shard of a greater memory, but without the whole it was nothing.

Nothing but the shadow of a memory.
She may be a bit of a goofy character, but she has some genuinely sad stuff in her backstory that will probably never come up without this thread. Hell, it probably won't even be established much more than this in-thread, this is just a nice excuse to write this.

Hopefully the almost-backstory thing is okay?