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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindfreak View Post
    I Have No Voice and I Must Scream
    Quote Originally Posted by Mindfreak View Post
    The World is Crumbling, But There's Still Kindness
    Poor Bill. His suicide-by-adventurer plan failed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beans View Post
    (I'll start this here and finish it sometime tonight, maybe.)

    This will be much more elaborate when I have the time.
    Wait, Carrie voluntarily went to school? SHE'S A MONSTER!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Morty View Post
    And now, my own story. It tells the story of Sophie's Imbuing, when she became a Hunter and joined the fight against the things that go bump in the night.

    Inherit the Earth, part One

    As some of you may notice, I retconned the "creature" Sophie saw into a dream-stealing Fae rather than a vampire. We haven't seen the last of him either.
    I like this. I hope we get to meet Sophie's fiancÚ. Why do I have the feeling she stands him up when one of her drug addict projects calls? And that she doesn't tell him about some of the parts of the city she goes to after dark?

    Quote Originally Posted by singingnoodle View Post
    Marciano Louv're

    Keep your wits about you....and you'll stand on top.
    You have a lot of creativity, but I think you'd do better if you didn't reference Les Miserables with every character. Let your own voice be heard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darklord Bright View Post
    Shadows of memories - Almost an Annabelle backstory!

    She may be a bit of a goofy character, but she has some genuinely sad stuff in her backstory that will probably never come up without this thread. Hell, it probably won't even be established much more than this in-thread, this is just a nice excuse to write this.

    Hopefully the almost-backstory thing is okay?
    Almost-backstory is definitely okay. I was hoping this thread would turn up stuff that wouldn't be shown otherwise.

    I think this is the darkest story here. Buried "alive", mind-fracturing, memories of a loved one being torn away. It's hard to imagine her surviving all of that and staying cheerful. Please write more!
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