TTO doesn't seem to have one. TNO gains all of TTO's powers in the merging. That would include the lack of a need for a spellbook. Besides, since he probably lost his equipment after death (otherwise, why would he have bothered picking up that mace?), that would mean he lost his spellbook as well, which would effectively deprive him of spellcasting completely, so I prefer the interpretation that he doesn't need one post-merging.

As for languages, I would have given him Polyglot if I could have fit it in, but alas, there was not enough room. And considering all the various languages there are in 3.5, I can't just give him every language that exists, so I'd have to start wildly speculating on which specific languages he might have known and which ones he wouldn't. So I went with as few as possible.

But I'm working on a variant that would give epic spellcasting. I might be able to fit Polyglot into that one.