Yes~ I've been busy with various things, but the Great Animals legend (re)building is inforce.

As for the vampire thing a page or so ago, I'll admit that I love vampires, but my take is normally that they are magical perversions of a existing sanguinevore race. Said race isn't evil, or even reliant on humanoid blood. They just require protiens from blood that they cannot produce themselves sort of thing.

HEre's a cookie~

The descendants of the Great Elk can be seen in the stables of the king, cared for and treated as royally as their chosen riders. Greater than their elk cousins, they honour the ancient pact between their kind and the elk clan.

Greatfather Silverhoof was the first of the Great Animals that took the floundering humans in under his protection. He taught them harmony, and the value of order. The other Great Animals honoured him and his decision, for not even the Great Bear or the Great Wolf could harm him. Just as he kept the forest in order, so too does the Elk clan, rightful heirs to leadership.