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The World is Crumbling, But There's Still Kindness
First of all, fun use of the leg crippling dart gun from the game. but wasn't it a bit of a risk on her part to assume that just because Bill was wandering about, he was intelligent, and could understand her? Or that he wouldn't still attempt to maul her? Sorry, I'm being nitpicky.

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Marciano Louv're

Keep your wits about you....and you'll stand on top.
I agree with Happyturtle, (though i've never actually seen Les Mis, so I have no real clue how much you're actually cribbing.) When you go long form, I think you're quite good.

P.S. Deathclaws are essentially chameleons mutated by nuclear bombs into bipedal engines of DEATH!

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Shadows of memories - Almost an Annabelle backstory!
Not a big deal, since most of us are going to be putting these things in by installments. Yours does get to me a bit, especially considering BURIED ALIVE is one of my biggest fears. You're also suggesting a lot of interesting things with the backstory I hope to see fleshed out.

Alright, so, my turn! The beginning of the backstory for my Skeletal minion character Sevet.

The Day I Was Born

Suddenly Consciousness! Anticlimactic? Maybe, but I challenge you to describe a sudden burst of self awareness as anything else. Most people can’t remember the first few years of their life, so they have no idea what it’s like to just POOF exist.
The world was an immediate overload of sensory information. My sight was entirely blinded by white and I was deafened by noise. Eventually it calmed down, and I was able to make out what was around me. I was in some sort of laboratory. A magician’s lab lit up by a river of magma flowing through the ceiling. I was standing up, leaning against a hard metal surface. Standing in front of me was an old man, bald, mutton chops, and a wrinkled old face full of boredom. As my first act, I reached out my hand, which I discover is skinless, to make contact with him. He proceeded to beat my hand away with a thick, hardcover book.
“Don’t you touch me, cretin!” he said, swinging at my head.
“Hey!” I yelled, covering my head in defense. “What did I even do?”
“You stuck out that filthy, cold, bony, hand. That’s what you did! Don’t think you can ever touch me, filth!”
“Wait! Wait.” I said as his blows stop. “Filth? I thought my name was Cretin.” That sent him into something of a swinging frenzy for a few seconds.
“Of all the stupid- To even- ARGGH!” When he gave up, he opened the book, and I saw him scroll down the page with his finger. “You are designated Number Seventeen. Janitorial duty.” He waved his hand and a mop flew from a corner in the room to his hand. “Here. You’ll find some robes outside the door. I put a rune of fire on you so I wouldn’t have to waste the effort to replace you if you fell in. I did not for the mop. Lose or destroy it and you will be punished severely. Understand?”
“Yes sir!” I said, taking the mop without thinking. I stood for a few seconds, waiting to see if he would continue speaking.
“What are you waiting for?!” he started screaming. “I have dozens of others to do today! Do you think I have all day to waste on you?! Get out and get to work!” He started swing his book at me, and I discovered just how quickly my new legs could move.