Update 70


[Attack on the Hermitage]

After getting inside the Hermitage, Waterstrider "rebelled" in order to force Justin to punish him in order to keep Elizabethele from suspecting their true motives. Waterstrider was whipped, badly upsetting Brand, though he had to hide it. Eventually he got away to the kitchen without his "Master" where he was able to gain intelligence about the number of slaves at the Hermitage and how they are treated.

[Charlie's Plot]

Interrogation of the prisoners and pursuit of Charlie is on hold until player energy is freed up.

[Whisper's Plot]

This plot has also gone on hiatus.


[1st Lt Alice Delisle]

Offscreen, but available as spoons permit to assist with Remnant business.

[The Applehill Family]

The family returned from their offscreen trip. Lily was overjoyed to see Waterstrider back, while Tito simply started crying because he'd convinced himself that Waterstrider was dead. The Wolfen tried to tell Tito that he'd always come back, but Tito yelled at him for treating him like a kid and lying to him. He's too bitter to accept grownup assurances at face value anymore.

Later, Pathfinder did his barbaric ritual to sacrifice the bison in order to provide protection for the camp. Lily watched in fascination, while Tito was too upset to watch, and was carried home by his mother. When the ritual was over, Waterstrider found Tito and they worked on fish traps together.

The next day, Brand and Waterstrider left to rescue slaves. Pansy hasn't told the children what their father is doing.


After making her arrangements with Azik, Billie staked out the Watchmaker Shop and waited for a day when she could catch Gus early. She had worked out how often Jake and Gus changed, and it was Gus she wanted. She walked into the shop, distracted Gus with small talk, and then hit him with a taser and put him in the back of a delivery van.

She told him that she was his mother, and so when he managed to get his phone out while she was driving, he told Vasquez not to hurt her.

Billie carried Gus into Azik's shop, where she wanted to have him scanned so that he could create a potion that would eliminate Jake. Vasquez, having traced the call, broke into the back of the shop, only to get hit by Billie's taser. The heavy electrical surge not only knocked her out, but fried her cybernetic eyes, leaving her blind.

Eventually, Billie was overpowered, with Azik's help, and backup was called in. Gus was furious at Billie and concerned only with Vas. Billie was taken into custody, where she decided to fake a suicide attempt in order to get Gus's attention.

It worked, even though he recognized that she was manipulating him. Once Vasquez was out of danger, he was able to look at the situation with less bias. He realized what might have become of him if Jake hadn't reached out to communicate, and that was the beginning of empathy.

His first thought was to try and call to Elaine, Jake's mother, the other half of Billie. He thought he might be able to work with her better, and then, with her help, communicate with Billie. But it didn't work. Elaine didn't emerge. Eventually Billie woke up from being sedated, and Gus started to talk to her. And she told him about the time she came to consciousness and found herself pregnant.

[Carly Bryson]

Blah. Don't know what to do with this storyline.

[Charity Evans]

Working at the infirmary, while studying for EMT exams.

[Charlotta and Lottie]



Still hanging with the Cylons, and just realized that he shouldn't have survived the blizzard.


Plot clone 1 is killing demons with Wenomir, Mia, and DC.

Plot clone 2 was disguised as Moff at the AMEN leadership fight. Afterwards, made her way back to base, still disguised, and comforted Ilpholin. Then she left to tell Mister Squiggles what happened, and merge with her other plot clone.

[Decker the Catgirl]

Offscreen in a 'nip coma.

[Elaine de Vere Stevenson]

See Billie entry above.

[Elias Larmette]



In the woods near GLoG. Felt the surge of spirit power from the Bison sacrifice and was making his way to investigate.

[Gus Acre / Jake Stevenson]

For Gus, see Billie entry above.

Plotclone Jake is at the Masks charity ball and auction with Vasquez.

[Happy Amakirr]

On Melody's Island, trying not to interfere with Melody's friendship with Reinholdt.

[Leah Loveman] and Lob]

Offscreen in the Penal Company.



[Missy] aka Submission-in-Adversity-Brings-Peace Halifax

Met Javert (the one played by Wolfy) offscreen and accepted a date, not realizing it was a ball being held at Magtok's casino. Once she realized, she got all awkward about it, but decided to make the best of it, and had a brief electronic conversation with Magtok. She was set to enjoy herself, when Javert hinted that he was an assassin, and Missy realized they were in a target rich environment. She went into paranoia mode, but finally relaxed a little after the show ended without anyone dying.

She danced a tango with Javert, and overdid it trying to show him up. Her heart is overworked by the demands of the wired reflexes, and she refuses to get an artificial heart put in. She excused herself to go to the ladies room, but got lost in the hallways and finally just collapsed in the floor and took her heart medicine.


When the Moffs running AMEN found out that Ilpholin had killed Gordon, they were pleased enough to let her take charge again. Not like they could have stopped her.

After the party, most of them left, leaving Moff 4.

Another Moff is at the Masks ball, on the date with Taul. But realizing Taul was not interested, let him off the hook in exchange for a little help at the auction so he could buy either Kal or Butler. He hasn't decided which.


Restored Tweetums from the plush curse. Is mostly NPCified since then.

[Sunny Evans] (she kept her maiden name)

Finally she and Carl agreed to name the baby Luke Evans Goodfellow. Carl just felt the baby move for the first time.

[Tia Eiranikos]

Offscreen, working at the Children's Home in Inside.

[Vino D'Angelis]



In a deadtimed plot.

[Winslow Warwick] and family



At the Masks auction, planning to be auctioned off along with Salome. The two intend to provide full services to their purchaser.


Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

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1st Lt Alice Delisle
Basil Finch
Brand Applehill and family
Carly Bryson
Charity Evans
Charlotta and Lottie
Dag Ingasson
Darcy Turtle Brightember
Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
Decker the Catgirl
Elaine de Vere Stevenson
Elias Larmette
Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
Gamaliel and Paul
George Shackleton
Gus Acre
Hannah Snow
Jake Stevenson
Lorraine Godolphin
Leah Loveman
Missy Halifax
Moff Four
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Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley
Simone Isandwana
Sunny Evans
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Vasilisa and family
Vinicio D'Angelis
Winslow Warwick and family