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First of all, fun use of the leg crippling dart gun from the game. but wasn't it a bit of a risk on her part to assume that just because Bill was wandering about, he was intelligent, and could understand her? Or that he wouldn't still attempt to maul her? Sorry, I'm being nitpicky.
Actually, she didn't use the dart gun, she used the Mesmetron.
Which is a lot less risky then the dart gun and that's why she knew he wouldn't maul her.

And she was able to recognize grief on his face, which is absent from all the other deathclaw's faces which is why she took the chance, assuming that only intelligent creatures can show emotion.

And Orchestra, I liked your story, I found it funny.

And Darklord...I genuinely found your story to be sad...

Blah, I'm not good at commenting on stories at all >.<