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    Default Trissociate [3.5 Base Class] (PEACH)

    Ever wanted to play a supporting Dragon Shaman who also has a few Sorcerer spells from his draconic ancestry? A Soulknife that DOESN'T make the Psychic Warrior point and laugh? Or perhaps something more esoteric, like a Battle Angel?


    Urdine Angel by Noxypia used under Creative Commons Attribution License

    While it is possible to construct such characters, blending multiple classes which do not have dual progression PrC or feat support tends to give suboptimal results. Similiarly, using high LA monster races or templates usually sucks up so many levels that the character has a hard time being viable. And both cannot be done at low levels.

    The Trissociate tries to get around these restrictions by breaking down the various iconic base classes, into fragments of their class features. It also converts various common monster archetypes into abilities that scales as you level. Ultimately, it lets you pick and choose these various components to create a mix that suits your unique character.

    This approach can also be used as a 'fix' for various lower tier base classes. In essence, you can take Associations that emulate existing base classes, and add other (usually stronger) features on top of it. Various suggestions on how to recreate certain base classes are listed below:

    Base Class Suggested Associations
    Dragon Shaman Dragon Shaman, Half-Dragon, Sorcerer/Invocations
    Knight Knight, Animal Companion, Martial Initiator
    Monk Weaponmaster (Unarmed), Martial Sage, Shadow-Adept
    Paladin Paladin, Magical Companion, Magic Dilettante (Cleric)
    Spellthief Rogue, Spellthief, Magic Dilettante (Wizard)
    Soulknife Soulknife, Psionic-Blooded (Egoist), Weaponmaster (Mindblade)

    For a quick and rather simplistic overview, you might want to look at the Sample Trissociates: Ninja Wizard and Dhampir.

    For DMs whose players are requesting to play this class:
    This class is massive. There is a lot of text and tables, so I would not recommend going through everything, unless you have a lot of free time, and enjoy reading this sort of thing. Nor is reading everything necessary. For the most part, you just need to read the overall class outline (Class Features and Learnable Mastery Talents), and then zoom in on whatever Focus and Associations that your player has selected.

    In fact, if possible, ask your player to compile a summary table on the level progression of what the Class Features of his planned Trissociate will be (such as the Sample Trissociate at the end). This should be easy enough with the EZ-Trissociate auto-compilation program (see below). Everything else can be safely ignored, for the purposes of determining if this class will break your campaign.

    Note: This class underwent a major balance update on 10 May 2014, so try to use versions later than this.

    For players who want their DMs to approve this class:
    In general, DMs are highly wary of Homebrew, since some of it is (admittedly) highly game-breaking. Consequently most DMs are likely to reject a class which they do not understand, and one of the great barriers to understanding any class is having to read through the walls of text. As such, I recommend generating a simplified summary of your proposed Trissociate, and then asking for approval based on that. This summary should be easy to make with the EZ-Trissociate program below. If you have problems with EZ-Trissociate, you can send drop me a request with your desired Focus/Associations, and I can help you compile it.

    The EZ-Trissociate compiler has a "_Null" association that contains no class features. You can use this to generate a Trissociate with just 2 Associations (or even just 1). This was included in case you want to replace one of the Associations with another one that is not officially included in EZ-Trissociate (e.g. Bloodlines). You can also use a "Bissociate", for lower powered games, or if your DM feels a Trissociate with 3 Associations is too powerful for his game.

    This is a prototype program that contains all my created Associations, as of the given date stamp (YYYYMMDD format). Note that it needs at least Java 1.6 (or Java 6 depending on which form of versioning you use) to run. It will prompt you to select 1 Focus, 1 primary, and 2 secondary associations through simple console prompts. Then it will automatically compile your selection for you! It outputs 2 files as follows:
    1) The first file is a HTML file (which you can then print for reference, or e-mail to your DM).
    2) The second is a TXT file formatted into GITP forum posting code. Note that due to differences in how Linux and DOS/Windows handles linebreaks, the TXT file will look as if there are no linebreaks, if you open it in notepad. But rest assured they are there, just that notepad does not display them properly. You will see them when you copy-paste the code onto the forum, or open the TXT file with Wordpad or Microsoft Office.

    Online Version:
    Sajro is kindly hosting an online version of my code, which can be found here. It will generate the files for you, and let you download them. Files are deleted after 2 minutes.

    EXE Instructions:
    Latest Version (8 Jul 2014): Windows Executable
    1) When you click on the download link, it asks you what do you want to do with the file
    2) Save the file to any location you want, within your computer
    3) Go to that location, find the file
    4) Right click on it, and then click on "properties".
    5) Go to "Compatability" tab, and ensure that "Run this program as administrator" is checked.
    6) Click "OK" to save changes, and close the "properties" window
    7) Run the executable by double clicking on it.
    8) Windows might ask you if you want to let it make changes to your computer. Click yes, as it needs disk write permission to generate the files.
    9) It should ask you to select your Focus + Associations
    10) After inputting your choices, it should generate the HTML and TXT within the same folder, and close itself.

    If you do not get a HTML file, try these alternate set of instructions:
    7) Open DOS prompt, and go to the location where you saved the file
    8) Manually call the executable through DOS.
    9) Even if this does not work, it will at least print a nice error message telling you why it isn't working.

    There is also a JAR version for Mac/Unix users (although window users who have problems with the executable can also give it a try). If you are having problems downloading either of these files from Mediafire, you can alternatively get them from my OneDrive Mirror.

    JAR Instructions:
    1) When you click on the download link, it asks you what do you want to do with the file
    2) Save the file to any location you want, within your computer
    3) Open the terminal console and go the directory where the JAR file is kept.
    4) Enter the following (where YYYYMMDD is the 8 digit date stamp):
    java -jar EZ_TrissociateYYYYMMDD.jar
    5) It should ask you to select your Focus + Associations
    6) After inputting your choices, it should generate the HTML and TXT file within the same folder, and close itself.

    If you experience any difficulties, please let me know. Chances are you're not the only one who is having them. Kindly provide following details on the error:
    *Whether you are using the EXE or JAR
    *What is your operating system (Windows 7? Windows XP? Mac? Linux?)
    *What is the error that occurs (e.g. does it ask you for Focus + Associations, but does not generate a file thereafter?)


    Current Version: Source

    Older Versions:
    20 Jun 2014: Windows Executable and JAR version and Source
    16 Jun 2014: Windows Executable and JAR version and Source
    13 Jun 2014: Windows Executable and JAR version and Source

    Design Notes

    This base class is now listed in the Homebrew Tier Compendium and the Base Class Compendium! Also, its the first thing to pop up when you google "Trissociate"

    This is a repost as the First Version was locked. And I decided to rename it from Generalist to Trissociate. The aim was to make this approximately Tier 3 or 4 (give or take 1 Tier depending on selected Associations and level of optimization), so it *probably* should not break any campaigns.

    This Class has a total of 3 associations (hence its name) and 1 focus. In order to minimize dead levels, the Class features for the Primary Association and the Focus are on odd levels. Whereas the Class Features for the Secondary Associations are on even levels. The Class capstone then, is the Associate level 19 capstone abilities of his Secondary Associations.

    This project can also be considered my *fix* for lower tier classes (e.g. Paladin, Dragon Shaman, Soulknife etc). The Trissociate lets you access their basic class features, and then stack other stuff on top of it to make a character that is reasonably competent.

    For the various associations, and especially for spellcasters, the Mastery Point recovery system provides a means to recover limited use abilities in between daily fights, so as to minimize 15-Minute Adventuring Day syndrome. At the same time, the option to accelerate recovery at higher point cost lets them 'nova' (so to speak) when they really need to.

    While constructing this Class, I realized that there were many Associations which were dependent on Charisma. Hence in order to give the Intelligence and Wisdom based Associations a boost, I have included various "Insightful" feats to enable a given Association that is based off Charisma to use Intelligence or Wisdom instead.

    Search Key Word: virtually

    Edit History

    29 Jun 12
    -Added note to Chosen Energy Resistance so that multiple Resistance from different associations will stack. This makes Associations that provide Energy Resistance more compatible with each other. (So you could blend together a Half-Farspawn/Half-Fiend without worrying about overlapping Energy Resistance).
    -Similiarly, Shadow Cold Resistance reworded to Chosen Energy Resistance with just 1 choice, to allow it to stack with other Chosen Energy Resustance.
    -Added an Adaptation note to Animal Companion to allow its possible use with other creatures.
    -Celesial and Farspawn Energy Resistance expanded to cover the 4 basic elements (Fire, Cold, Electricity, Acid)
    -Renamed Marshal to Marshal Aura association.
    -Added name of Association to Recover Spell and SLA talents, so that it is clear which association the talent applies to.
    -Elemental Strike given some equipment support by allowing warlock gear to apply to it.

    2 Jul 12
    -Added Cirno sample.

    9 Jul 12
    -Addded Erudite, Wu Jen and Shugenja associations.

    1 Aug 12
    -Added Half-Molydeus

    16 Jan 13
    -Half-Undead Damage Reduction is now Silver and Magic
    -Added Half-Alu-Demon
    -Some tweaks to the EZ-Trissociate program to include text on Proficiencies and Focus Features, as well general Trissocate Text at the end. The goal is to make the HTML page as self contained as possible.

    18 Jan 13
    -Added Faster Healing for Half-Undead Association.
    -Created Point Pool based Sublime school, for easier book-keeping.

    21 Jan 2013
    -Added Magic Blooded

    25 Jan 2013
    -Revamped Focus lists. Now with greater variety to cater to your character concept needs.

    30 Jan 2013
    -Added Scout Association. To prevent confusion with the Scout Focus, the Scout Focus has been renamed to Stalker (and Stalker Focus has been renamed to Expert). Also, Skrimisher Focus has been renamed to Mobility.
    -Removed the Cooldown Sublime Association
    -Revised Rogue Association: It has lost 1 special ability in exchange for Trap Sense +5. This now allows Rogue Associates to trade in their Trap Sense for the Penetrating Strike ACF from Dungeonscape.

    20 Feb 2013
    -Lycanthropy revamped. Base Animal Stat Cap removed to allow greater variety of animals to be viable.
    -Elemental Savant updated with better feat support. Elemental Strike now has melee options to enable Elemental Knight concepts

    2 Apr 2014
    -Updated Tables to match new forum format.
    -The Windows Executable/JAR has likewise been updated.

    13 Apr 2014
    -Major Balance overhaul: Mastery points greatly decreased. Weaker Associations beefed up.
    -Axiomatic/Anarchic and Psionic Blooded added.

    17 Apr 2014
    -More Support added for overlapping class features: Progressive Wings, Poison Immunity, Disease Immunity, Paralysis Immunity, Polymorph/Petrification Immunity, Stunning Immunity
    -Recover Companion for Animal Companion to increase usability at late levels.
    -Added Ozodrin Association

    24 Apr 2014
    -Half-Fey changed from enchantment to mind-affecting resistance/immunity
    -Even more support added for overlapping class features: Mind Affecting immunity, and Energy Immunity when you already have Chosen Energy Resistance
    -Added Teramach and Olethrofex Associations

    26 Apr 2014
    -Massive Overhaul of thread structure to make more space for new Associations
    -Added Divine-Blooded and Worm that Walks
    -Added Kathodos for Mythos

    27 Apr 2014
    -Worm that walks given Blindsense/Blindsight and Flanking immunity
    -Text for other Blindsense/Blindsight and Flanking immunity revised to allow stacking

    2 May 2014
    -Ardent has given a significant boost. Now has 2 mantles, and can learn 15 powers in all.
    -Wizard and Archivist no longer have Bonus feat or Scribe Scroll
    -Archivist now automatically gets the benefit of Academic Priest
    -Totemist and Incarnates: Reduce final Soulmelds to 2.
    -Beguiler, Dread Necromancer, Warmage added
    -Mythos: Bellator added

    4 May 2014
    -Mental BAB reduced to low (also the text had a leftover artifact on perfect armored caster which has now been removed)
    -Battle and Skill Focus final Mastery Points reduced to 20
    -Elemental Savant and Worm that Walks now have a 1 point Elemental/Vermin Strike as a starter ability. They also have 'Combination Strike' feat to combine their strike with other spells/spell like abilities
    -Added Fighter, Eldritch Blast and Magic Dilettante
    -Invocation revised to accommodate Eldritch Blast
    -Soulknife now has 'Rapid Reshape Mindblade Abilities' talent:
    -Ozodrin now has 'Rapid Form Reshape' talent

    6 May 2014
    -Eldritch Blast has been significantly beefed up. Now with additional (and hopefully balanced) Blast Essences and Shapes
    -Magic Dilettante has had its final Dilettante Points increased slightly
    -Half-Dragon: Rearrange when they get what, energy immunity now comes in much earlier
    -Half-Anarchic: Fast Healing amount has been reduced
    -Shadowcaster added
    -Turn/Rebuke Undead now have insightful feat to support for Int/Wis based priests (or those who want to mimic opportunistic piety). In line with Bone Talisman, Emergency Turning now costs 2 Mastery points

    10 May 2014
    -All Manifesters now get 1/4 their normal bonus power points
    -Spellcasters now get bonus spell slots based on point system
    -Extra Mystery uses also follows bonus spell slots
    -Favored Soul and Spirit Shaman now have Charismatic feat support to restore SAD
    -Ozodrin has had some minor changes. Mostly removal of text and replacing it with "refer to original ozodrin".
    -Added Extra Mastery points feat (+2 each time it is taken)
    -Added Wilder
    -Added Evolutionist

    13 May 2014
    -A whole bunch of minor grammar and formatting changes
    -Added Shaman and Maho-Tsukai
    -Added Machiavellian (Amechra has given approval)
    -Added Monacan (submitted by original creator)
    -Added Combat Medic and Xenoalchemist (Kellus has not logged on in 5 Jan 2014)

    15 May 2014
    -Martial Sage: Reword Ki Dodge to allow sneak attack, corrected Ki Point progression.
    -Truenamer, Barbarian and Wild Shape added

    17 May 2014
    -Clarified Barbarian extend rage text
    -Eldritch Blast progression tweaked for better damage at low-mid levels
    -Truenamer: Lexicon Of Perfected Map reduced to 3 to remove Conjunctive Gate
    -Lycanthrope: Added adaptation notes
    -Machiavellian: added Boost Scathing Wit
    -Combat Medic: added Boost Surgical Precision
    -Xenoalchemist: Added Boost Harvest Material Skill
    -Swarmlord added (Lix Lorn has given approval)

    27 May 2014
    -Cunning Association added
    -Martial Sage: Minor rewording

    29 May 2014
    -Speak Language added to Trissociate class skill list
    -Added Dabblemaster
    -Increase Cunning Reroll cost to 8
    -Added Extra Sublime Points feat for Initiators

    2 Jun 2014
    -Shadow-Walker renamed to Shadow-Blooded. Shadow Mantle delayed until level 11 (because even 10% concealment stops sneak attacks entirely)
    -Sublime renamed as Martial Initiator
    -This renaming was done to allow for: Shadow-Adept (a variant of Shadow-Blooded with Maneuvers instead of SLAs)
    -Extra Sublime Points feat effect halved

    4 Jun 2014
    -Acrobatic Charge and Improved Flanking added to both Cunning and Martial Sage
    -Cunning Luck and Cunning Critical added to Cunning Association
    -Half-Farspawn: Alternate Form is now an (Ex) ability. Third Tentacle replaced with Flanking Immunity.

    5 Jun 2014
    -Appraise added to Trissociate Class Skill List
    -Cunning Reduction now applies to Hardness as well
    -Spellthief added
    -Boost Sneak Attack modified to accommodate Rogue and Spellthief

    6 Jun 2014
    -Spellthief: Spellcraft added to class skill list. Steal Spell clarified to allow spell energy to be used to cast own spells.

    9 Jun 2014
    -Spellthief: Notes on Psionic adaptation added. Steal Supernatural ability, and Lesser and Improved Steal Skill feats added.
    -Knight added

    11 Jun 2014
    -Added Guerilla and Skirmisher Focus
    -Focus which provide Heavy Armor proficiency now also include Tower Shields

    13 Jun 2014
    -Psionic-Blooded has been redone. The changes make it easier to augment PLAs now
    -Magic Dilettante can now cast SLAs with XP cost, but must pay the XP cost
    -Martial Adepts now have Copy Maneuver
    -Spellthief feats updated

    16 Jun 2014
    -Aegis and Vitalist added
    -Half dragon: Endure Exposure uses per day reduced to 2

    20 Jun 2014
    -Corrected displayed BAB for Skirmisher

    8 Jul 2014
    -Added note that Trissociate requires at least 5 class levels, to use Wild Shape to qualify for PrCs (like MoMF)

    Association Wish List

    -Psionic Dilettante
    -Anthropomorphic Animals

    -Kellus' Truenamer Fix
    -Tome of Radiance
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