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    Homebrew Associations
    As the title suggests shese Associations are based on other homebrewed base classes.

    This Ozodrin Association was first written up by qazzquimby

    Ozodrin Association
    Ozodrin Association Progression (Based on Associate Level)
    Level Effective Ozodrin Level (Feature Access) Special
    Starter 0 Manifest Form, Form Points
    1 1 Aberrant Affinity
    2 2
    3 3 Primary Stomach
    4 3
    5 5 Devour
    6 5
    7 6 Unearthly Power
    8 6
    9 7 Strange Movement
    10 8
    11 9 Swallow Whole, Aberrant Nature
    12 9
    13 10 Budding Body
    14 11
    15 12 Rapid Form
    16 12
    17 13 Otherwordly Guise
    18 14
    19 15 Shifting Shape, Sinister Image

    Manifest Form (Ex): As a swift action, you may manifest or suppress your true nature. The suppressed form is often referred to as your worldly guise. While your nature is manifested, all features that you possess are revealed (see below) but you may not add or remove new features (but see Aberrant Nature, below). You may choose to suppress the effects (and visual components) of your aberrant feats when in your worldly guise but you must suppress all or none of such effects.

    Form Points (Ex): You have a number of form points equal to your Charisma modifier + the number of Aberrant feats you've taken + your Trissociate level. These points may be used to apply different features to your manifested form. All features cost form points. If you remove a feature, you regain the form points spent on it. The total cost of all features added cannot be more than the total number of form points you have. Features can be found on the Ozodrin page. Your effective Ozodrin level, is listed in the class table, and determines which features you have access to.

    Aberrant Affinity (Ex): You gain Aberrant Blood as a bonus feat and may take aberrant feats even if you aren't humanoid. Classes which advance the Manifest Form ability advance this ability as well.

    Primary Stomach (Ex): You can hold a number of small creatures equal to your Trissociate level squared. Four small creatures equal 1 medium, 4 medium equal 1 large, 4 large equal 1 huge, etc. Unlike most creatures with a swallow whole ability, you have no natural hazards in your stomach. Instead you are able to place features in your stomach, allowing you to see and attack creatures you swallow. If you have no eyes inside your stomach, creatures in contact with the stomach have partial concealment (as you can feel them but not see them) while creatures that are flying or otherwise avoiding touching the surfaces have total concealment.

    As long as you are manifesting your true nature, there is a supply of air to the stomach. However, if you suppresses your true nature, the air supply is cut off. In this case there is enough air to support a creature for 1 minute for every creature of it's size that could fit in the stomach before the supply is exhausted (this assumes normal activity).

    If you have recently Devoured a creature, there is a 100% chance that any loot it had on it might be in the stomach (determined for each piece of loot individually). This decreases by 5% for every round since the creature was devoured. A corpse or body parts (unless artificial) will never be found this way.

    If you have at least two limb or tentacle features in your stomach and one or more eyes, you are able to retrieve the items itself as a swift action, tossing them out of one of your mouths. Alternatively, you may attempt to cough up all swallowed items as a standard action.

    If you die, creatures in your stomach have 1d6 rounds to escape before they are forcefully ejected (along with all the other contents of the stomach not a part of you) as the pocket dimension collapses, dealing 1d8 damage per 4 Trissociate levels. Creatures ejected this way show up at the location of your corpse or as close to it as possible if other ejected contents are in the way.

    If another class would advance the stomach feature, it advances this ability as well.

    Devour (Ex): You are capable of consuming pinned opponents. Bite attacks made against an opponent you have pinned do not take the usual -4 penalty to attack rolls and you may make as many bite attacks as you would normally be able to (normally you cannot attack a pinned opponent with your own weapon, nor can you usually attack a grappled opponent with multiple light weapons). You may choose to have a successful bite attack against a pinned opponent deal 1 point of con damage instead of its normal damage. For each point of con damage dealt this way, you heal 2 hit points of damage. You may cough up any magical or inorganic items possessed by one or more completely eaten opponents (opponents that were killed by bite attacks effected by this ability, even if they did not deal con damage) as a standard action as long as you do so within ten minutes of eating the opponent(s). Pieces of inorganic opponents such as iron golems cannot be coughed up this way and unusually potent items, such as artifacts, can be coughed up even after 10 minutes have passed. You cannot choose which items are coughed up in this fashion - all items that could be coughed up are.

    Unearthly Power (Su): Your natural weapons granted by features receive an enhancement bonus equal to 1/3 your Trissociate level (round down, minimum 1) to attack rolls. Any attack effected by this ability bypasses damage reduction as though it were a magic weapon.

    Strange Movement (Ex): You are able to pull yourself into the extra-dimensional pocket that your digestive system occupies and return at a nearby spot. This acts as a non-magical teleportation ability that can be used as a standard action any number of times per day, provided the total distance moved is no greater than 5ft per Trissociate level per day. Line of sight is required, but if the requirement is somehow negated, attempts to return within a solid object or occupied square cause you to be shunted to the nearest unoccupied square, taking up as much of the daily movement as needed to reach it. If there is not enough movement, you take 1d6 points of damage per additional 5ft needed. In addition, rather than instantly reappearing, you may instead choose to wait inside the extra-dimensional pocket, but each round you does so counts as 5ft of movement for the day's limit. While so hidden, you may act normally, but may not effect anything outside the pocket dimension. This ability may be used only if you are manifesting your true nature.

    Swallow Whole (Ex): When making a grapple attempt against a creature in the same square as a mouth, you are capable of attempting to swallow it whole. You may only swallow a creature whole if the creature is the same size as the mouth used for the attempt or smaller. Creatures may escape the stomach by trying to cut through the wall or, if there are any mouths, trying to climb up the throat and out the mouth.

    The walls have an AC of 5 + two times your level, hardness equal to 1/2 your Trissociate level (rounded down), and require 3 times your Trissociate level in damage to make a hole large enough for a medium sized creature to escape (a hole for a large creature requires twice as much damage as a medium, huge requires twice as much as large etc. A hole large enough for a small creature requires only 2x your Trissociate level damage to create a hole large enough, and a tiny or smaller hole requires only 1x your Trissociate level in damage). Holes reseal in 1d4 rounds if no further damage is done and you are still alive. You take 1 point of damage for every 10 points of damage dealt to the walls of your stomach.

    If a swallowed creature attempts to climb out, it must succeed on a DC 30 climb check for three consecutive rounds (for each successful round count it as an additional 10 feet of height for calculating fall damage on a failed check). If the creature is attacked while climbing, it must attempt the check again at a -5 penalty. As a move action you may attempt to swallow with one or more throats, prompting a climb check for any creatures currently trying to climb out opposed by your grapple check.

    Aberrant Nature (Ex): Your type changes to aberration. You are no longer affected by spells and abilities that can only affect humanoids. You gain darkvision out to 60ft (this stacks with darkvision from other sources). You stop aging and can no longer die of old age. Despite the type change, you may still count as its previous type to qualify for feats and PRCs. You also do not gain the needs to eat, breathe, or sleep if you previously lacked any of them. Your ability to change your features is no longer limited to your worldly guise (see the feature ability for details on changing features).

    Budding Body (Ex): You are able to place features other than a basic eye or a mouth on the length of a blunt tentacle. If you do so, you must select the location upon the length of the tentacle that the feature occupies. A tentacle can support a number of features on its end length equal to 1 times your charisma modifier (minimum 3) and may have up to a number of features equal to your charisma modifier along the length for every additional 5 feet of length of the tentacle (minimum 2). Mouths must be at least two size categories smaller than the tentacle while other features must only be at least 1 size category smaller (count puppets as being 3 size categories smaller than the puppet). Eyes only count as 1/2 a feature for determining the number of features that may be placed on a 5' section. Such a Tentacle may be extended around the battlefield as a move action, however, it causes you to count as occupying any spaces it passes though with the exception that it can't be used to flank you and does not benefit from armour you're wearing (it can however be attacked to deal you damage). If such a tentacle is not fully extended, any features on the excess length (measured from the tip to your body) are counted as occupying the same location as you. If eyes are placed on the tentacle, they allow you to ignore concealment caused by view obstructions from the location of you main body that aren't in the way from the eye's location. Special sight types granted from eyes are measured from the location of the eye and only stack with eyes at the same location (or your own if they are currently occupying the same square). A Gaze attack and other ranged augment must have line of sight from the location of the feature that grants it.

    Budding body counts as a feature for other sources that advance features.

    Rapid Form (Ex): You can add or remove a number of features equal to your charisma modifier (minimum 4) as a full-round action. Basic Eyes only count as a feature for the purposes of this class feature. Furthermore, if you use a move action or a standard action to remove a feature, you may add/remove two features instead. The form points spent on a removed feature do not count against the point limit of a feature added at the same time.

    Otherworldly Guise (Ex): You can force aspects of your true form onto your worldly guise. As a full-round action you may swap the features of your worldly guise for different features. Calculate the worldly guise features as if you were a puppet of your race, do not count features from aberrant feats. The form points needed to form such a puppet + 1/10 of your form points may be redistributed into new features. No more than than the starting number of features+ 1 per 5 ozodrin level may be present. Basic eyes count for 1/2. You may not add shifting features, Puppets, Spawn, or Lure Traps. A form without eyes is blind, and a form without a mouth cannot speak. A form without limbs or tentacles has a land speed of 0. A form without a mouth may not use devour or Swallow whole.

    Shifting Shape (Ex): You are able to make your body mutable. All features gain the Shifting augment. This augment adds 3 to the cost of the feature. A feature with the shifting augment may be moved to any portion of you that it could be placed on, as a move action. Puppets and spawn count as a single feature. Lure traps count as a part of the puppet they are on and can't be moved to other puppets. The number of features that you may have with the shifting augment cannot exceed twice your charisma modifier.

    Sinister Image (Su): You have a special connection with depictions of yourself. As such you are able to detect any pictures, illusions, or other images depicting yourself. This even extends to other beings attempting to scry you or view you through similar magical means. Furthermore, such images are treated as a part of yourself. Due to this, you are able to move a feature with the shifting augment onto the depiction, allowing it to attack, or otherwise interact with things there (in the case of scrying which does not create an image, the shifting feature may move within 5 feet of the one doing the scrying), though doing so requires using up 5 feet of its strange movement. If you have no eyes in the area, it is treated as being blind there. Likewise if you have no means of hearing it is treated as being deaf there. Despite this, you can sense if the image is being viewed. This ability only applies to images depicting yourself, not images that just happen to look like it. Thus changing your form to look like someone in a painting does not allow it to use this ability with the painting.
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