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Thread: My Little Pony: Avatar Is Magic II

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    Hey, guys. Anyone got time to ponytarize either Ahab or Lateral?


    Gender: Male
    Type: see above; earth pony for Ahab, pegasus for Lateral
    Coat color: Whatever you think is appropriate. Lateral's probably some sort of red, Ahab some sort of blue or gray or sea-green kind of thing. Use your judgment.
    Mane color and style: If you're doing Lateral, it would be cool if the mane and wing feathers were made of fire, but if you can't then don't bother. For Ahab, again, use your judgment.
    Eye color: Whatevs. Blue or brown.
    Cutie mark: For Ahab, either a harpoon, white whale, or whaling ship. For Lateral, some form of nuclear explosion thing.
    Pose: Whatever. Action poses or just standing are both fine.
    Expressions: Laterpony should probably have a similar expression to in the picture, and Ahabpony should probably be something like grim determination. Y'know.
    Accessories or costumes: If you can do Ahab with a captain's jacket (like in the regular avatar), that would be kind of cool, otherwise none. For Lateral, just none.

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